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We are a complete, compassionate, and experienced end-of-life care support team.

At Angel's Pure Hospice Care, we focus on helping to keep our patients and their families free from pain, anxiety, and stress.

Our hospice team includes nurses, medical social workers, certified home health aides, chaplains, and volunteers, all working under the supervision of physicians.

Long ago, a hospice was a resting place for travelers on a long journey. In today's healthcare, hospice is a concept of compassionate care for those nearing the end of life's journey.


Angel's Pure Hospice Care is about living each day to the fullest, even though the number of those days may be limited.

Nurse and Patient

Care in Angel's Pure Hospice is provided regardless of race, diagnosis, creed, sex, national origin, insurance benefits or ability to pay.


Hospice Physician

Provides clinical services and orders the plan of care for the patient that focuses on reducing the physical, psychosocial and spiritual suffering and increasing the quality of life for hospice patients and families.

Registered Nurse/Licensed Vocational Nurse

Works closely with the interdisciplinary team in executing treatments, pain management, and palliative care measures under the supervision

of a physician.

Certified Home Health Aide

Provides services that promotes patient’s hygiene, comfort and personal care (this includes but not limited to bathing, assisting in getting dressed, preparing meals for the patient and many more).

Social Worker (SW)

Assists the patient and families to be connected to pertinent community resources. SW assumes responsibility for the development, implementation, and management of psychosocial services provided to hospice patients and families.

Spiritual Counselor/Chaplain

Helps patient and families along their path to spiritual growth, finding a life purpose, overcoming obstacles, and putting pain and grief into perspective.

Hospice Volunteer 

Offers companionship and support to the patient families.

Physical/Occupational/ Speech Therapist

Provides rehab services that promotes comfort, enhancement in patient’s qualify of life and alleviates pain and suffering.

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